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As the saying goes, “We are like islands in the sea, separated on the surface, but connected in the deep”. We had a great re-connecting with alumni event last September 1st , called ReConnect with Alumni through book launching “Navigating Turmoil” . It was an amazing event as we heard speakers such as our notable alumni, Handry Satriago (currently CEO of GE Indonesia) share his experience on leadership.

We would love to have more of our esteemed alumni becoming speakers at IPMI, your home. 

Rifa Zahirsjah
Director of Admission, Student Affairs and Alumni Office
IPMI International Business School
Derry Habir!
We are very happy that one of IPMI’s Founding Faculty member, and currently our Director of Case Center, Ahmad. D Habir, PhD., fondly known as Derry Habir, will be contributing to this newsletter.
Please enjoy his first writing below: 
Thank you all for your best wishes and prayers on my 70th birthday yesterday. It is all very much appreciated-almost as much as my appreciation for surviving this far! I thought I would reflect a bit on the first year at IPMI.

As some of you know, I was one of the five faculty members who first began teaching at IPMI back in 1984. Pak Sis (Pak Siswanto Sudomo) also taught for a bit but he was busy being our first Executive Director. You also know him as one of the two founders of IPMI, along with Pak Bustanil Arifin. Both of the founders were adamant about IPMI being a practitioner-oriented case based business school that was to be conducted in the English language. IPMI was the pioneer in doing so in Indonesia. One day, the full history of that founding should be told.
Unfortunately, Pak Sis is not doing well physically. He has a hard time getting around because a recent fall has made it difficult for him to walk. So Pak Hadi (Hadi Satyagraha, one of the five founding faculty) and I are planning to visit him sometime soon at his home in Pamulang. We also would like to go with the other two founding faculty, Pak Antarikso Abdurrachman and Pak Junius Tirok and we are trying to get in touch with them for a reunion of sorts.
But there are others who are still around who were there during the first year. Pak Sjoufjan Awal, who has his room opposite mine these days, was even earlier at IPMI - as a member of the Foundation, which began in 1983. Pak Takhul (Miftahul Hadi), who takes care of our Koperasi canteen now, was one of the first OBs (if not the first) who photocopied the cases that we used to teach every day (it was a full-time one year MBA program). Pak Warry Soemitro was reading those cases everyday as a member of the very first class of 1984. A successful banker, he has been one of our long-time faculty members. So those were some of the people you know who were part of the first year at IPMI. Others you know who came a little later at the Kemang campus were Pak Bambang Gunawan, Bu Wiwiek Daryanto and Bu Amelia Naim. But that's a story for the next installment. I hope I haven't forgotten anybody else-let me know if I have.

Thank you again for your well wishes on my birthday. Happy to have you all as my colleagues. Have a great weekend!

Ahmad Derry Habir, Ph.D.
Abipriyadi Riyanto
This issue takes pleasure in presenting Abipriyadi Riyanto as an IPMI Influencer.
Born in Jakarta on October 2, 1957, Abiprayadi Riyanto is currently the Finance Director of PT WIKA Gedung Tbk. He holds a Master of Business Administration from IPMI, Jakarta and a degree in Civil Engineering from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. He began his career in Investment Management, Mutual Funds and Investment Banking in 1990 and several of his previous positions include MessPierson Finances Investment Management Associate Director, ABN AMRO Asset Management Indonesia President Director & Country Manager, Technical Advisor, Managing Director, President Director of PT Mandiri Investment Management and President Director of PT Mandiri Sekuritas.
“Recognizing the importance of education to broaden horizons and strengthen careers at that time,
I decided to start looking for the best education to take. I discovered IPMI through an advertisement in the media and even further when doing sit-in classes and meeting Mrs. Tya Adhitama. My own interest in the world of education dared myself to take student loans and participate on the entrance test at IPMI Business School. When I passed the test, I felt I had a new world to explore.

Choosing IPMI was not without reason. At that time, IPMI was the best management school in Jakarta based on learning case study methods and teaching about management in its entirety with English as the presenting language. This gave me different insights about a company and what is needed in managing the company both from strategy, leadership, how to communicate, and the success of the company.

At that time IPMI had great teachers and most of them were doctoral candidates from Harvard. And we had the opportunity to get closer and share knowledge with premium services. I still remember exactly how we first studied with a stack of books that discussed case studies and we approached them and found to solve them. And we were among the lucky children because when we graduated from IPMI, we were sought by the industry to develop our capabilities in the real world. Learning a lot of things about general management eventually changed me to be able to become what I am today.

The learning methods at IPMI such as class participation, and expressing many cases from large companies made me able to reach my current position. When I graduated, IPMI helped me to develop my Investment Management career in Reksadana until I became the chairman of the association. It has changed my perspective and insight to be very broad and made it easier for me to develop my career.

The leadership that I have applied up to now is a product printed by the teaching at IPMI. Leadership, character building, independent, create your own, management and discipline and integrity are things I learned at IPMI and I hold on to this day in my career.

Success for IPMI, I hope to continue to be able to provide quality teaching and meet industry needs to welcome the industry era 4.0 “
  Event Highlights  
IPMI International Conference Microeconomics of Competitiveness Comparative Cluster Initiatives in Asia
The MOC International Chapter – Asian Chapter hosted by IPMI International Business School explored the determinants of competitiveness and successful economic development from a bottom-up, microeconomic perspective. In today’s economic map of the world, it is characterized by “clusters”.

A cluster is geographic concentration of related companies, organizations, and institutions in a particular field that can be present in region, state, or nation. Clusters arise because they raise a company’s productivity, which is influenced by local assets and the presence.
IPMI Powertalk with Mary Ellen Muckerman
A throwback to the latest IPMI POWER Talk on July 30th, 2018 featuring Mary Ellen Muckerman, Vice President, Brand Strategy and Services at Mozilla. It was very interesting to have a very special guest with experiences and expertise in marketing and branding from the tech industry.

Mary E. Muckerman herself had experiences partnered with Smithsonian, SFMOMA, Google, Target, and McDonalds as a brand consultant.
Maritime Outlook 2019 Seminar at IPMI
The Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi expressed his desire to continue improving the quality of human resources, to support Indonesia as a maritime country. This was conveyed by the Minister of Transportation in the 2019 Indonesia Maritime Outlook Seminar held at our campus, IPMI, Wednesday, August 15 2018.
"If we talk about maritime it will be relevant when we talk about Human Resources. Because we can talk about outlook, where we make a theme about building the readiness of human resources in order to realize Indonesia as a maritime country. This is a good theme, we also photograph ourselves that one thing must be improved, "said Minister of Transportation Budi.
Based on the data provided by Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2018, the maritime contribution to the Indonesian economy is still very small, that is until now only around 13.32%, in contrary, most of Indonesia's territory consists of sea. Therefore, the Minister of Transportation hopes that the younger generation in Indonesia will make efforts to master the maritime sector and bring good changes.

Also attending the event were prominent officials such as the Special Staff to the Minister of Transportation for Economic Affairs and Transportation Investment, Prof. Wihana Kirana Jaya, Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of Indonesia for Establishing Maritime Boundaries H.E. Amb. Dr. Eddy Pratomo, Chairman of INSA Dr. Drs. Ec. Theo Lekatompessy, MBA., M.H., LL.M and Director of Port of Rotterdam Mr. Willem Dedden.

IPMI International Business School will soon open an MBA program in Maritime Supply Chain in collaboration with STC International and PT. Etsi Hutama Maritim.  
IPMI Alumni Reconnecting through a book launching: “Navigating Turmoil” by Tya Adhitama
IPMI big family was so happy to be reconnecting with our alumni community in this special book launching event on last Saturday, September 1st, 2018. "Navigating Turmoil" is the book written by Tya Adhitama, herself, IPMI’s first marketing officer. The book contains a collection of cases from national and multinational businesses, as well as non-profit organizations she has worked with over a 35-year career.
With support from IPMI Case Centre and IPMI Alumni Affairs department, the book launching was conducted at Puridani Auditorium, IPMI International Business School.

Also in this special event, the IPMI family was also reconnected with Mr. Handry Satriago, CEO of General Electric Indonesia, an IPMI Alumni. In the book launching event, Mr. Satriago spoke about his company which was one of the case studies featured in the book.
  Next Event  
3 November  2018
Lomba Simulasi Saham Bagi Pelajar SMA
  Bachelor of Business Administration 
  (BBA)  Corner
I AM: IPMI Alumni Mentoring
IPMI Alumni Mentoring (I’AM) Program is a mentorship program between BBA existing students and you, IPMI MBA alumni. The aim is to enrich and support our BBA students in their academic, professional and personal experiences in order to assist them in the transition from academic to professional life, from 6 to 12 months. 
With our respective alumni as mentors, this program is beneficial for both sides. Among the mentors are Mr. Teddy Asril, MBA 2009 graduate and Public Sector and International Donor Organization Manager of Delloit, Mr. Alex Wangsadinata, MBA 2008 graduate and HR Development Head of Sinarmas Agribusiness and Food, Ms. Stephanie Liestyo, BBA 2014 graduate and Product Management of Mastercard, Mr. Fadhillah Indrabudi, BBA 2009 graduate and Sales and Marketing Manager of Pirelli Asia Pte Ltd, and others amazing mentors.

BBA existing students could share, learn and receive constructive feedbacks not only about their educational aspects, but also career paths, jobs, career goals, career buildings, personal and business skills, and businesses from their mentor.

This mentoring program is informal and private, only a maximum of two students per mentor, that creates a very close engagement between the mentor and student, where the student and alumni could meet anywhere, based on their own appointment without IPMI interference and the student could share anything.
I CARE: IPMI Internship Career Alumni Resource
IPMI is providing BBA students an internship opportunity, to gain practical knowledge and strengthen their professional skills from direct working experience from various options of companies available for them to apply, accordingly to their interest. 
 In preparing them for the internship program, IPMI also provide an internship workshop to equip the students with such skills that will help them and strengthen their professional profile.

The students has to submit their CV and application to Career Development Office, the CDO will send it to the company, then proceed to hiring and internship process. Once the internship program has completed, the company will then give feedback, evaluation, and certificate or letter to IPMI CDO. The students will have to submit logbook and report, and present their internship report to IPMI. 
  Do You Know?                   
Teddy Asril 
IPMI Graduate of EMBA 2009
Teddy Asril is a Design Thinking Coach, Design thinking is a method for the practical, creative resolution of problems using the strategies designers use during the process of designing. Currently He works for Delloite Consulting as Manager- Public Sector and International Donor Organization.
Calvin Kizana 
IPMI Graduate of MBA 2008
Calvin Kizana is the Founder and CEO of PicMix and PlayDay at PT. Inovidea Magna Global.
PicMix is a global mobile photo sharing app that runs across all mobile platforms and currently transforming the platform to blockchain through decentralization of the infrastructure. PicMix has grown exponentially to over 35 Million+ worldwide users in just 22 months’ operation without spending any single cent on marketing/campaign and still continue to grow aggressively until today.
Amalia E. Maulana, Ph.D.
IPMI Graduate of MBA 1995
Amalia E. Maulana, Ph.D. is a Brand Consultant and Ethnographer, the Founder and Director of ETNOMARK Consulting. ETNOMARK is a Brand Consultant that helps companies in building and developing their Brands. Amalia is a pioneer in Ethnographic Research in Marketing in Indonesia, a contemporary research approach that is used to solve Brand problems, right to its roots.
IPMI to Collaborate with Pinduit for Student Loan
To give the student access to financing, IPMI is having a collaboration with PT. Pinduit Teknologi Indonesia in the form of providing student loans. Prospective students or those who are already studying can easily take loans from Pinduit for semester fees and registration fees. The submission of the application is very easy, either through IPMI or 
Some other benefits including applications without a credit card, up to 6 months tenor, first payment of only 15% of the total loan amount, and a quick process within 24 hours. With this collaboration, IPMI and Pinduit looking to give better education access for Indonesian students.
  IPMI Memory Lane                   
Its time to walk down memory lane.
Below are some proud pictures of some of our past graduates, when IPMI still in Kemang – South Jakarta. 
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